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Australian Pet Treat Company

Australian Pet Treat Company Roast Chicken

Australian Pet Treat Company Roast Chicken

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AUSTRALIAN PET TREATS Roast Chicken Cat Nature Treats 60g is a gluten and grain-free cat treats that are a blissful alternative for your furry friend. Pawsome meaty morsels offer a distinct roast chicken flavour that will have your cats purring with delight. They also feature 100% Australian quality chicken which you can feel good about giving to your fur babies!

  • Locally sourced all around Australia.
  • With iodine, iron, zinc, vitamins (especially B12) and essential fatty acids for complete and packed nourishment from Chicken properties.
  • Helps reduce tartar and plaque while chewing.
  • High source of Protein.
  • Delicious and highly palatable Chicken Flavor.
  • Intended for cats as a treat.
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