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Dermcare Malaseb Medicated Shampoo

Dermcare Malaseb Medicated Shampoo

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  • Miconazole nitrate 20g/L, chlorhexidine gluconate 20g/L



  • Antifungal effect against Malassezia, and a potent activity against bacteria. Chlorhexidine has a broad spectrum of activity against bacteria, yeasts, moulds and fungi.
  • A natural Keratolytic without drying the skin.
  • Removes damaged lipids without stripping the coat or skin, helping to normalise the skin's microenvironment.



  • Treatment of seborrhoeic dermatitis associated with Staphylococcus intermedius and Malassezia; aids in the treatment of ringworm in dogs and cats.


Directions for use

  • Wet the animal thoroughly with clean water.
  • Apply the foam to the animal at several points and massage into the coat.
  • A sponge assists lathering and penetration of the coat.
  • Ensure that Malaseb is applied around the lips, under the tail and between the toes as these areas harbour causative organisms.
  • Allow to stand for ten minutes, then rinse off with clean water.
  • Repeat twice weekly until symptoms abate then use weekly, or on veterinay advice.
  • With ringworm all in-contact animals should be treated to limit infection spreading and environmental contamination.
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