MasterPet Trouble & Trix Bliss Natural Catnip Mice with Bells 3 Pack

The Trouble and Trix Bliss Mice Bell 3 Pack is the perfect pack of furry mice toys for interactive and independent games with your cat. These quirky mice are made from soft and fuzzy fabric for a cosy tactile experience and crinkly material to tempt your cat to play. They feature an enticing bouncy tail with attached jingly bell, and contain high-quality catnip for extra stimulation during play. The key features of the Trouble and Trix Bliss Fish Large are:
  • Super irresistible mice character toys made from soft and furry material.
  • Contains crinkly inner material complete with jangly bell to encourage interaction.
  • Includes high-quality premium catnip to entice playful behaviour.
  • Brightly coloured assorted mice for easy spotting indoors and outdoors.
  • Each mouse measures approximately 4.5cm long.
  • Appeals to your cat’s natural instincts to hunt, stalk, and chase.
  • Perfect for promoting daily exercise, keeping your cat healthy and fit, or as a naptime cuddle companion.