Litter Tray Liners Regular 20pk

The Trouble and Trix Litter Liners Regular 20 Pack is a pack of easy-to-use litter tray liners that help to quickly remove used litter from your cat’s tray. Simply line your cat’s litter box with a Trouble and Trix tray liner, fold over the tray edges, then add litter. Or to remove, simply pull on the liner handles and tie together to quickly and easily bag pet mess and provide your cat with a fresh and clean tray. The key features of the Trouble and Trix Litter Liners Regular 20 Pack are:
  • Pack of 20 regular-sized liners suitable for trays measuring up to 43 x 35cm.
  • Easily secured by folding liner over tray edges.
  • Simply lift, tie handles together and the bag is ready to dispose of.
  • Hygienic and helps to reduce the risk of bacteria lingering in the base of your cat’s tray.
  • Can be used with any kind of litter.

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