Glamour Puss Moulting Comb

Trouble and Trix GlamourPuss Moulting Comb is a professional-quality grooming brush perfect for removing excess fur in medium and long-haired cats. This soft bristle brush penetrates through to your cat’s undercoat to help remove loose fur, minimise shedding around the home, prevent formation of hairballs, and stimulate the natural oils in your pet’s skin to help your cat produce a healthy, nourished, and shiny coat. The key features Trouble and Trix GlamourPuss Moulting Comb are:
  • Moulting brush helps to reduce the risk of hairballs and minimise excess fur around the house.
  • Sifts through layers of fur and undercoat to gently remove old and loose hair.
  • Soft, round brush bristles for your pet’s comfort.
  • Easy and comfortable handle grip.
  • Stimulates follicles to help hair growth.
  • Suitable for medium, long, and thick coats.