Scream 360 Laser Light Ball with Stand 9cm - Green&Blue

The 360° Laser Light Cat/Dog Toy will provide hours of fun for you, Maximus and Blaze! Simply place the base on a flat surface and turn the ball on! Place the ball back in the base and choose one of the 3 modes:
Slow: The laser ball will slowly spin 360° in random patterns
Fast: The laser ball will quickly spin 360° in random patterns.
Random: The laser ball will spin 360° in random patterns, and random speeds alternating from slow to fast and back to slow. When in random mode the base will turn off automatically after 10 minutes to prevent excess play.
You can also hold the laser ball in your hand and point the laser in any direction of your choosing.
The Ball has a magnet so if knocked it will automatically spin back to its correct position.